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Chihuahuacirkeln, CC, the Chihuahua Circle is the Swedish unofficial breed club for the dog breed Chihuahua and is associated with Svenska Dvärghundklubben, SDHK, the Swedish club for Companion and Toy Dogs. The Chihuahua Circle is by this association included in Svenska Kennelklubben, SKK, the Swedish Kennel Club – the national association for dog owners in Sweden.

CC is a non profit organisation with the mission to further breeding and the spread of Chihuahua.

As a member in CC you have the right to participate in the club’s activities and you also receive the club magazine Chihuahuabladet four times a year. A membership in CC automatically gives you a membership in SDHK and the right to participate in dog shows arranged by SDHK.  

For payments to the club, use following information:
IBAN: SE19 9500 0099 6042 0920 4769